Ballet/Modern/Jazz Fusion

for 5-8 year olds

Thursdays 5:25-6:25pm/ 6-8yrs

Fridays 4-5pm/ 5-7yrs 

Please note; there is no funding for 2012, so Fridays classes are unfortunately not free anymore. 

Contact: Newington Dance Space

E: info&
Phone: 0207 241 4193

This class will cover the fundamentals of classical ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary technique through turns, leaps, rolls, jumps and runs. The class includes a warm-up with stretching, isolations, strengthening exercises and "across the floor."

The importance of strength, flexibility, rhythm, musicality, and memorization will be stressed.

Basics of performing will be introduced.

The class ends with a fast-paced or lyrical combination.

The class is dynamic, fun and will make you move across the space, on the floor and in the air!



Fees for all our children’s classes are payable half-termly in advance or multiples of £5 in advance for children joining part way through a term.

Trial class at the price of £5 - please contact us if you wish to come along to make sure we are not getting ready for the show and to check we have available places to join in. 



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