Clockworks: Lost Traces

Join our young artists on an immersive theatre journey through a vanishing world of ticking clocks and ringing bells.
You are invited to immerse yourself, for a while, in the history and atmosphere of St Augustine's Tower, to explore this forgotten space, examine it in a new light and meet some of its most unusual characters.

You will travel the spiral staircase as we weave together the tower's stories - real and imagined, up to the roof .... and beyond.

Bring your most curios self and be prepared for the Tower to come alive!

The audience moves around the tower for a unique and engaging experience, due to this we advise you bring sturdy shoes and warm clothes for this 40 minute performance.
This event only accommodates a limited audience per show so please make sure to book your space via email
Stating if you would like to attend at 1pm, 2pm or 3pm

Abney Park Back to Life

Our project for young people age 13-26 year olds took place during the school year 2010/2011.
Twelve young people took on the challenge to research the history of this amazing site to help create short films and site specific installations for a live audience.
Abney Park in Stoke Newington, London, formerly one of the ‘magnificent seven’ garden cemeteries of London, is now a woodland memorial park and important Local Nature Reserve.
The park originated in the eighteenth century when the land was laid out by Lady Mary Abney. With over two hundred years of heritage and more than 240 thousand people buried in Abney Park, there is a lot of history to uncover!



A duet with dancers Dana Kolesarova and Irene Cioni. An ongoing project, originally started in summer 2008 at Newington Dance Space.                                                                

With original music by Tom Parkinson. The latest version of the piece will premier at Robin Howard Dance Theatre in London on the 16th of  Febbruary 2011 

Like fish we gravitate towards nooks and crannies, we constrain ourselves. We enjoy unlimited freedom, but when we have it, then what? Gravity, distorted images, the distance, the proximity…. illusions.

 A twenty minute long dance work investigating themes of constriction and freedom, attachment and distance, equilibrium and gravity and unlimited freedom. 

At times flippant and other times poignant the piece invites the audience to witness the frustration of constraint and its relationship within the feeling of being free.


Tom Parkinson ( Music)

Nicola Monaco ( Repetition)

During the process we presented different versions of our work sometimes as a site specific installation; or work in progress; but ultimately it has been devised for the stage.


16 February 2011 - The Place - London

15 June 2010 - The Others - London

13 February 2010 - Ulita cultral centre - Prague 

26 August 2009 - Southwark Playhouse - London

14 June 2009 - Shunt Vaults - London

16 November 2008 - Newington Dance Space - London 


In 2015 we received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to support our project: OUR STORIES OF NEWINGTON GREEN 

During the project we ran storytelling workshops for local older people. We also spoke with local residents and collected some of their many stories of Newington Green. Here are some of those memories.

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